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The Alchemy of Happiness

Calling Lost  40Somethings...

I know you’ve been feeling inadequate.  

You spend so much time “Adulting” and conforming to

society’s expectations of where you should be by now but really,

all you want is to be happy.



Welcome Home, Fellow Adventurer.

It’s time to provide the lemon-lime twist on your relationship to Happiness.

You see, Alchemy is not about excluding the shitty emotions.

It’s a process of integrating all of your fears and longings to transform you to the core.

As Calvin (of Calvin and Hobbes) would say: “Transmogrify them!”

(without the pesky side effects)


Because when you get clear on your Happiness, your path gets clearer.

A path of ease, peace, and joy that you get to carve out.

Your Happiness Revolution starts here.

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